Treetop happiness

My suite

I relax and let myself fall. Into the soft cloud of my bed. A tingling feeling of pure happiness runs through my soul. I have found where my soul is at home. This is the way to live. I love every corner of my suite among the trees.

Nest Suite

for 2 people | 38 m² from 245.00 € per person/half board
for 1 person | 38 m² from 345.00 € per person/half board

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Hangout Suite

for 2 people | 46 m² from 300.00 € per person/half board

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Treetop Suite

for 2 people | 100 m² from 425.00 € pro person/half board

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Once I started working at My Arbor, I realised that I found a new home and family. Every day is exciting, and you never know what to expect. Besides all the fun and work, my most favourite thing is when our boss cooks for us employees.

Hotel Plose » Aufatmen im My Arbor, Hotel bei Brixen

My Arbor

New. Exciting. Stimulating.
I love getting mail.
Especially from the My Arbor.

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