Water Light Festival.

April - May 2023

Art, light and water and a head full of dreams and thoughts. Being free and letting myself fall, floating on the surface of the water, submerging, and carrying the light within. Being critical and playful, a rollercoaster of emotions. Screaming, standing still, having fun, seeing the world. And figure it out?

With its myriad of enchanting squares, winding narrow streets and magnificent stately buildings, Brixen’s old town is an architectural jewel. The oldest part of town is located across the Eisack river and can be reached via the Adler bridge. The Eisack has always been both a blessing and a curse for the town. The “blue gold” – as locals affectionately call their water – is omnipresent in Brixen and its people are proud of this precious resource. In recognition of this, the Water Light Festival is held in Brixen and the surrounding area every May. Artists from near and far create immersive light installations at various water features around the town, providing illuminating insights into the world of water.

My Arbor

New. Exciting. Stimulating.
I love getting mail.
Especially from the My Arbor.

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