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My restaurant in Bressanone

Hotel Plose » Aufatmen im My Arbor, Hotel bei Brixen

The evening sky above me is a velvety blue.

My footsteps echo between the ancient walls of the alleyways. I go out. Right into the historic centre of Bressanone. The Grissino has already reserved a table for me. I can hardly wait to try the menu. Sushi or pizza? Pasta or Alpine cuisine? Maybe a little of everything. The attentive service team is sure to have an insider tip for me again. This restaurant in Bressanone is an experience. Something new every evening. Maybe I’ll come back tomorrow lunchtime. To eat in one of the most beautiful cities in South Tyrol.


I love to feel the character of South Tyrol on my tongue. I can never get enough of the many flavourful aspects of Italy. I am hungry for unexpected creations. I welcome a kitchen team that shares my passion for food. The My Arbor restaurant indulges my every whim.

Hotel Plose » Aufatmen im My Arbor, Hotel bei Brixen

My Arbor

New. Exciting. Stimulating.
I love getting mail.
Especially from the My Arbor.

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