From cozy heat . to fresh nature .

A hug for the soul

My sauna in South Tyrol

Finnish panoramic sauna
Finnish panoramic sauna
Relaxation room of the My Arbor SPA with panoramic view

Heat envelops me.

Fine beads of steam kiss my skin. The silence caresses my soul. The sauna is my place of retreat when I am in the mood for peace. Five different saunas nestle within the 2,500 m² spa area and are my favourite place to be, and not just when the weather is cold. The power of fire nourishes my spirits. I immerse myself in the whirlpools and swimming pools. Then relax and find peace. Full of deep and happy thoughts, I let everything go.


My Arbor. My sauna.

  • Bio-sauna: 60° with 40–50% humidity
  • Wood sauna: Dry sauna 80° with 10–20% humidity
  • Forest sauna: Dry sauna 90° with 10–20% humidity
  • Steam bath: 45° with 99% humidity
  • Sauna in the pool area (with swimwear): 40° with 40% humidity


My infusion

The mountain spring water sizzles as it evaporates on the stones. Now the sauna master makes his grand entrance. He circulates the steam with sweeping movements. What comes next is a little bit like magic. To control the heat, the sauna master uses balls of snow enriched with essential oils. How these scents beguile the mind! I enjoy the infusion for between 8 and 12 minutes. The heat revitalises every cell in my body.

Finnish sauna with wooden cladding
Detailed view of the oven in the Finnish sauna

My four favourite sauna infusions

Scents. Sounds. Vibrations. Here, every infusion becomes a ritual for all the senses. Ever so gentle. Or wonderfully intense. Each one different. Each one special.

Singing bowl infusion: soft
Duration approx. 12–15 minutes

Gentle infusion ceremony with singing bowls. The sound vibrations stimulate my relaxation nerve and promote deep rejuvenation.

Vitality infusion: medium
Duration approx. 12 minutes

An uplifting experience. This energetic infusion is accompanied by epic music and invigorating fragrances.

Fire and Ice: strong/hot
Duration approx. 12 minutes

An intense themed infusion with invigorating music and energising essential oils.

Forest infusion: medium
Duration approx. 12 minutes

A classic infusion ceremony with various essential oils as a tribute to the healing effects of the forest.


We would like to invite our guests to fully experience their vacation. This begins in the forest and ends in the forest - and in between it enchants with gentle scents, powerful rituals and energetic highlights. The I finds its moment, the My Moment.

To the team
Sauna and personal coaching employee
Sauna & Personal Coaching

My Arbor

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