My gourmet holiday in South Tyrol

Couple gets served a delicious beef tagliata

These earthy, authentic dishes of South Tyrolean cuisine. This sunny lightness of Italian wines. This enthusiasm for good food and the good life. The My Arbor appeals to my taste buds. Precisely. The repertoire of the kitchen team surprises. Inspires. Somewhere and nowhere between fine dining and cross-over, between uncomplicated and ambitious, between mountain and sea, is where their culinary keyboard moves. How masterfully they play. At any time of the day.

07:30 AM

I open my eyes to the melody of the blackbird. The day’s first beams of sunlight fall gently through the curtains. I am hungry. For this day. For this life. How I long for a fragrant pot of coffee. For a crispy croissant. For all the other delicacies waiting for me at the richly laid breakfast table…


10:30 AM

Simply lie in bed. How I have longed for this. I leisurely saunter into the bathroom, wash the dreams of last night from my eyes. No need to rush. I know that I am allowed to live according to my own rhythm on my gourmet holiday in South Tyrol. Breakfast from the buffet is served until 11am. And from 11am unti. 12 noon I can order breakfast à la carte. Or maybe I’ll just have a little something brought to my room?


I celebrate the harmony and tantalizing adventure nature offers me.

One out of several highlights during breakfast: waffles - chirmnut - forest scent - berries


In the middle of the trees and openminded at the same time. I am living an international variety.

One out of several highlights during breakfast: Shakshuka


South Tyrol is alpine and mediterranean at the same time. Pleasure and nature. Experiencing South Tyrol means falling in love with it.

One out of several highlights during breakfast: Buckwheat apple parsnips


I experience Italian flair. Enjoy Italian cuisine. Today products are 100% D.O.P. Italia.

One out of several highlights during breakfast: bagel - tomato - rocket - egg - parma ham


Water revitalises. Water heals. And water is alive. When it comes to food, the focus today is on everything that comes from water.

One out of several highlights during breakfast: herb waffel - salmon - sour cream - cress - radish


Sometimes I need to treat myself best. There are no no-goes while eating. And of course, I do not think about renouncing on treatments and massages.

One out of several highlights during breakfast:  Bavarian sausage and beer


Today is a day with no rules. I enjoy myself on every possible level.

One out of several highlights during breakfast: poached egg – truffled baby spinach

Dessert creation with a young couple in the background

12:00 PM

I never thought I would be hugging a tree. And on my gourmet holiday in South Tyrol, of all places. Every day has something surprising in store for me here. Small adventures. Big feelings. Now it’s time for a little refreshment. For a small surcharge, the My Arbor kitchen team caters to my every whim at lunchtime with light dishes, fine pasta and crispy salads…



3:30 PM

I become a free spirit on holiday. That’s why I love the My Arbor so much. Not only can I do what I want, but I can also enjoy myself when I feel like it. I can order something tasty from the lunch menu until 5 pm.

Couple enjoys a rich breakfast on the sun terrace
Hotel Plose » Aufatmen im My Arbor, Hotel bei Brixen

5:00 PM

Some call it a sundowner. But here it is called Aperitivo. For me it means an evening of celebration. Surrounded by the incredibly beautiful light of the evening sun, I raise my glass. To life. To love. To the forest. From the terrace I stroll to the My Arbor Bar. From 5 pm to 7 pm it becomes a place to meet. For me and my loved ones. For new friends. A feeling of elation surges. Is it the sparkling drinks? The stimulating conversation? Or both?


7:00 PM

Forest air makes me hungry. And I set off. To dinner at 1,000 metres above sea level. Dinner at the My Arbor restaurant is the highlight of my gourmet holiday in South Tyrol. I look forward to some great culinary cinema. Tasteful sophistication. Unexpected flavours. With candlelight and a good glass of wine. And tomorrow? Maybe I’ll dine below in the city.

Hotel Plose » Aufatmen im My Arbor, Hotel bei Brixen
Hotel Plose » Aufatmen im My Arbor, Hotel bei Brixen

City talk

Today I’m going out. From the quiet of the forest, I’m drawn down to Bressanone. To the Grissino city restaurant, where specialities from Asia, delicacies from South Tyrol, delicious pizza and Mediterranean delights await me. My city dinner is already included in the room rate.

Hotel Plose » Aufatmen im My Arbor, Hotel bei Brixen


The best thing at My Arbor are the endless career opportunities. I came from a completely different industry and background and worked my way up from a waiter and barman to becoming the team leader of the service division. By trying hard, nothing is impossible at My Arbor.

Zum Team
Hotel Plose » Aufatmen im My Arbor, Hotel bei Brixen

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