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Hotel Plose » Aufatmen im My Arbor, Hotel bei Brixen
Hotel Plose » Aufatmen im My Arbor, Hotel bei Brixen
Hotel Plose » Aufatmen im My Arbor, Hotel bei Brixen

Opposites attract.

They attract me. Fascinated, I immerse myself in this world between alpine lifestyle and southern charm. Bressanone is the oldest city in the Tyrol, dating back a thousand years. It was once home to powerful prince-bishops who, as German imperial princes, guided the destiny of the country… In the alleyways and beneath the archways, I feel as if I have stepped back in time, every house breathes history. I allow myself to be swept up in the here and now. By a love of life. By a sunny frame of mind. By the diverse culture in Bressanone.

South Tyrolean
bread and strudel market
29th September - 2nd October 2022

Schüttelbrot, Pusterer Breatl, Vinschger Paarl ... South Tyrol has a varied and interesting bread tradition. Every valley has its own kind of bread, every baker his ...

The preciousness of an instant
Christmas 2021 at the Hofburg in Brixen

This year, a very special cultural event will take place in the courtyard of the Bishop’s Palace of Brixen, the Hofburg. "Liora. The Preciousness of an Instant" is ...

Water Light Festival.
April - May 2023

Art, light and water and a head full of dreams and thoughts. Being free and letting myself fall, floating on the surface of the water, submerging, and carrying the ...

Brixen Classics.
June 2023

Brixen invites me to an extraordinary festival. An interplay of classical music, Eisacktal wines and the finest culinary specialities of South Tyrol. I experience ...

My Arbor

New. Exciting. Stimulating.
I love getting mail.
Especially from the My Arbor.

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